2nd Annual Great Indoor Folk Festival

The 2nd Annual Great Indoor Folk Festival will take place on Saturday, February 13 in Building 50 at the Grand Traverse Commons.  The festival, which is family friendly and free,  will run from noon to 5:30.  There will be  6 different stages with over 60 musicians, including an open mic stage at Another Cuppa Joe and a stage at left Foot Charley winery.

The Northern Express reports that the festival started as an experiment last year.

Correll and fellow songwriter Bob Downes of the Acoustic Dynamite band organized the festival last year to boost the profile of folk music in the region. As crowds packed the halls of Building 50 throughout the day, the organizers knew their iffy experiment was a ‘hit.’

Merchants at Building 50 also vow to be better prepared for the eventhis year, offering suggestions for Valentine’s Day shoppers as well as a range of food and beverage options. The “stages” at Building 50 are actually just nooks and crannies of the Mercato shopping corridor, with performers located just a few feet away from the audience. The cozy venue offers a sense of intimacy that’s well-suited for acoustic music.

Read more about the festival and see a line of up musicians in this week’s article in the Northern Express. Or read it online!

Photo credit: Musicians. by John Levanen