A Few Words about Email

At Leelanau.com, we receive more than 10,000 emails a day. Spam filters take care of a lot of those but we still get a ton of email.

We do our best to read every one of them, but we really need your help to help us see them!

The most important thing you can do is choose a subject that is clear and helps to identify the email as an actual email. One very effective strategy is to add [COMPANY NAME] to your subject as in:

[ABC Industries] Addition to Services Section

A subject like that is far more effective than “Email” or “Untitled”.

Also, do a quick scan of your email before you send it to make sure that it’s clear and that you’ve attached the files you intended to. One clear email is infinitely more effective than three!
Above all, if we haven’t responded to a request in a few days (or an urgent request in much less time), call us at 231-256-2829 or email support@leelanau.com.