Big Northern Lights possible over next three nights!!

Ghost Town Aurora by Michigan Nut

Ghost Town Aurora by Michigan Nut

The NOAA/NWS Space Weather Prediction Center reports that geomagnetic Storm Watches are in effect from December 9th – 11th, 2020 due to anticipated Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) effects giving us a good chance of seeing the northern lights! The CME occurred on December 7th and analysis suggests CME arrival possible late on 9 December, initially resulting in G1 (Minor) storm levels. As CME effects continue, activity is likely to increase, especially if the magnetic field carried with the CME connects well with Earth’s magnetosphere. The potential for strong storm levels exists and a G3 (Strong) Watch is in effect for December 10th. CME-related disturbances are forecast to continue into 11 December, likely resulting in G2 (Moderate) storm levels 

As a quick rule of thumb, we can occasionally see Northern Lights at the G1 level, often at G2 and almost definitely at G3. Here’s hoping for clear skies!!

John McCormick aka Michigan Nut took this photo of the Sleeping Bear Inn at Glen Haven back in 2016. See more in his Starry Starry Night gallery on Flickr & for sure check out Michigan Nut Photography for prints & other photo products including John’s awesome calendar!