Cautious hope for Sugar Loaf sale

Sunset atop Sugar LoafThe Leelanau Enterprise had an article on the possible sale of Sugar Loaf that addresses skepticism felt by many in the community. It begins:

The co-owner of a restaurant and bar within sight of Sugar Loaf Resort says she isn’t removing the “for sale” sign on her business anytime soon despite press reports that the defunct resort may soon be sold to a Leelanau County man who wants to reopen it for skiing.

“I’ll believe it when I see it,” said Karen Bardenhagen, who along with her husband, Pete Bardenhagen, owns the former Sugarfoot Saloon in Cedar…

“We’ve heard so much about what’s going to happen at Sugar Loaf over the past several years – things that turned out not to be true – that I just don’t know what to believe anymore,” Bardenhagen said.

It’s probably too early toget excited, but I have to agree with Cleveland Township Supervisor Tim Stein that “At this point, any change at Sugar Loaf Resort will be a good change.”

Read the rest of Sugar Loaf sale talk spurs ‘cautious’ hope in the Enterprise.

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  1. kkitchen63
    kkitchen63 says:

    I sure hope it flies this time. A lot of people, skiers and workers alike, have been gritting their teeth on the future of the resort ever since it shut down almost eight years ago. If the new owners go into this knowing just how much time, money, and work the property is going to need to become viable again, then we will see something good come out of this.

    If the new owners host a public forum on the future of the resort once they decide to make themselves known, I plan on being there with resume in hand. If this gets off the ground, I would love to be a part of it.

  2. matthewwideman
    matthewwideman says:

    A reopening of sugar loaf would be a nice boost to the local economy. I really feel the year round residents would rally behind a refurbished resort, and seasonal residents would make winter visits. Property values in Cleveland would rise. I still believe if A new owner somehow incorporates the community by offering memberships or discounts, or the county and/or state government were to offer some aid in the form of tax breaks or other incentives, then the resort will have a chance not just reopen, but actually survive and florish. Creativity will be the key. I really hope this thing flies this time. I was so dissapointed when I heard foots closed, and I know that the problems at the loaf where the main cause of that.

  3. sally
    sally says:

    all it will take to get the loaf back up and running is, say, only about a kazillion $……, go for it lutz (pronounced lootz)…i wish you well……..and know that the community is going to be cautiously optimistic and behind you, if you’re serious……….now get going and lets ski there next winter for sure……….

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