David Dempsey Recognized for Michigan Water Work

2019 NMEAC Clarence Kroupa Award Recipient

I go back to that idea of seven generations, that idea that we are not only looking forward seven generations but we‘re looking backwards as well. Each of us is someone’s seventh generation. The single best goal that any of us could have in our hearts and mind going forward is that we need to make a pledge to ourselves that we will do our absolute best to be a good ancestor.

-Frank Ettawageshik, executive director of the United Tribes of Michigan

The TC Record-Eagle has a report on the 31st annual Northern Michigan Environmental Action Council (NMEAC) Environmentalist of the Year awards where a longtime Michigan writer & policy expert (and favorite of Leelanau.com) was recognized for his contributions:

David Dempsey Recognized for Michigan Water WorkDave Dempsey, who has helped shape policy for conservation and the preservation of the Great Lakes as the senior adviser for FLOW (For Love Of Water), was honored with the Clarence Kroupa Award, which is the lifetime achievement award named after the first recipient of the Environmentalist of the Year award 31 years ago. Dempsey, who was also nominated as the Professional Environmentalist of the Year, said it was beyond an honor to be given an award bearing Kroupa’s name.

“NMEAC has been a force (for) the environment in this region for more than 30 years. It’s a major force for the environment,” Dempsey said. “It’s an honor to be recognized by these people who care so much.”

More from the Record-Eagle including some Leelanau highlights:

Dave snapped the photo above last week at Empire Beach. Check out his writing at FLOW and definitely have a look at his books at davedempseybooks.com!