Eat Red. Eat Cherries.

Leelanau Tart Cherries Although I managed to deftly overlook the first ever National Eat Red Week (Feb 4-10), there’s still time for me to save face and remind you that February is National Cherry Month and asking you to eat (or drink) as many of these red beauties as you can find!

Choose Cherries explains that a diet rich in cherries can reduce the incidence of heart disease, provide relief of arthritis and gout, prevent diabetes and cancer and lead to better sleep. To those I’d add the benefits of purchasing cherries and cherry products to Leelanau & Michigan farmers and also the benefit to all of us who live in and visit

Also check out this Leelanau Enterprise interview with cherry industry spokesman Jeff Manning about the “Eat Red” campaign and cherry promotion.

Photo: Tart by Andy McFarlane