Fallen Friend on Empire Bluffs

Fallen Friend on Empire Bluffs by cedarkayak

Todd was up on the Empire Bluffs yesterday and saw that this iconic tree had split (view larger). Here’s a view of the tree still standing the night before from Todd and another on our Backgrounds page.

There’s also a discussion of the tree in the Seeping Bear Dunes photo group on Flickr.

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  1. Rick Stafford
    Rick Stafford says:

    I was just notified of the attention this tree has gotten since it fell… well actually was broken.
    My wife and two college age children were up there. The only other people were three young men who had started the hike shortly before us. On there way back to the trail head two of the guys decided to start shaking the tree. After about 15 seconds they gave up only to return a couple minutes later with their third friend. This time they shook it for about 20 seconds and it came down with a crash. I have felt sick about it ever since. I will post the last picture taken of the tree later. In it you can actually see the culprits at work. We have taken pictures at this spot for years and it will never be the same for us, especially since we had to witness the dirty deed in person.

  2. plattegal
    plattegal says:

    yes i too would like to see the photos…………this is just a useless act of violence against an innocent tree that many of us have come to love and look forward to. i think most of you know we have named it “Fergs Tree”.

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