How will Turtle Creek impact Leelanau Sands?

kason by  The Real Ferg The Leelanau Enterprise has a feature that explores how the new Turtle Creek Casino in Acme might impact the Grand Traverse Band’s first casino (and major Leelanau county employer and economic driver), Leelanau Sands.

…(Ron Olson, CEO of the Economic Development Corporation of the GTB) said the GTB is “very aware of the fact Turtle Creek will be very successful” — and the effect that might have in drawing gamblers from Leelanau Sands.

But he also sees opportunity for Leelanau Sands, which will continue to cater to a more local clientele. Olson expects the base of visitors to expand to include users of a proposed 129-slip marina planned within walking distance of the casino. Also being built in Peshawbestown is a cultural center and museum designed to tell the history and ways of the Grand Traverse Band.

…Notably absent from the rebuilt Turtle Creek is an entertainment center of the capacity of the Leelanau Sands Showroom, which will host country music legend Marty Stuart on June 28. Turtle Creek’s Level 3 lounge was designed as a 200-seat nightclub on the third flood overlooking the gaming area, but lacks capacity to host big-name acts.

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Photo: kasino by The Real Ferg (a photo of te Turtle Creek Casino while it was under construction)



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  1. Billy blanket
    Billy blanket says:

    Here’s my story. I was playing TDB Video poker 52 card single deck. I threw away a 6 of Spades. Imagine my surprise when I drew a 6 of Spades. I know for sure what I tossed as it was the one card in a 4 to a straight flush which didn’t fit. I’ve seen other little quarks but couldn’t for 100% sure say that I didn’t see it wrong. This one I know for sure. When brought to the attention of Casino management they simply stated that I must be mistaken. They refused to check the machine (it would have been stored as the last play) and insisted I was wrong.

    Another time I was playing ($1.00 max) progressive VP(DDB)with a progressive jackpot of $1350.00 I and one other person were playing on a set of 8 linked machines. Suddenly the progressive reset to $800.00. I asked to speak with the slot manager as on the machines it clearly states the progressive will reset when won. No one won it. I repeat. There were two of us playing. The manager said that someone must have won it. Both I and the other person (who I did not know) both testified that neither of us won. He insisted that one of us must have and simply walked away. Thing is anything over $250.00 is hand pay which means a Casino employee must personaly pay you “by hand.” These are the two incidents which I can emphatically state that I know with 100% certainty happened just as I’ve stated. Needles to say I no longer go to Leelanau Sands Casino. BEWARE OF LEELANAU SANDS CASINO! RIPOFF!!!

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