Ice Berging down the Leland River

If you're bored on a Sunday afternoon in Leelanau County... by John Levanen

John Levanen took this photo titled If you’re bored on a Sunday afternoon in Leelanau County…

It demonstrates the time-honored tradition of “berging” down the Carp River in Leland from North Lake Leelanau to a stopping point that is curiously close to the Blue Bird.

Keith Burnham over at The Leland Report has complete coverage of Berging the River Carp – 2008 including a trial run on Saturday, and the photos from 2007, 2006 and 2005.

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  1. becky i.e. LuvMI
    becky i.e. LuvMI says:

    I had never seen anything like this before, it looks like a blast! You MI people sure know how to have fun.

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