Is there anything left to say about Sugar Loaf?

Last week’s Leelanau Enterprise had a feature further illuminating something most people were pretty darned aware of already: Sugar Loaf is a gigantic mess.

Sugar Loaf Resort owner Kate Wickstrom said this week she wasn’t aware that Cleveland Township officials have been ready and are waiting for her to submit formal plans to redevelop and reopen the defunct ski resort.

Wickstrom said Tuesday that she also wasn’t aware that Sugar Loaf Service Company – which is responsible for providing sewer service to the resort – last week filed a lien against the resort for some $94,851 plus interest that the company claims she owes.

Read Loaf delays, troubles continue in the Leelanau Enterprise.

Photo credit: Waiting for Sugar Loaf (2003) by Andy McFarlane



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  1. lex
    lex says:

    I’m a bit confused, so Kate borrowed the money from SL2002 to buy the Loaf from SL 2002, which still has ties to or is Polselli. So, if Kate cannot or will not pay off the loan, then in essence, the resort may go back to Polselli or his buddies? I hope she has a response to the article in the enterprise, not being aware is not a valid response. They(Township/Kate) should be in contact on a weekly basis, both sides need to do more.

  2. UP_Skier
    UP_Skier says:

    I remember back on the old Leelanau Forum a poster made a comment about Kate having ties to Polselli. I don’t remember the comment nor her response verbatim, but I do remember she flatly denied having any connection to him. Being in a creditor/debtor relationship with one of Remo’s current/former llc’s is surely a connection in my eyes.

    In looking up SL 2002 on the State of Michigan website: it was originally formed in Florida, but is now listed as “inactive” in that state, with its last annual report filed 9/16/05. It is currently “active but not in good standing” with the State of Michigan. The manager that signs the annual statements is Hanna Karcho (I thought I remembered reading at some point that Remo’s wife’s name was Hanna). A search of the phone number listed on the most recent annual report for SL 2002 is the same number listed for “Resort America LLC” of Farmington Hills. I remember in 2003 it was reported that Resort America had posted a “for sale” sign at Sugar Loaf, but quickly removed it, and they were less than receptive about answering questions when people called their number.

    Hopefully Kate can and will bring the resort back to life before it ends up back in their hands. At this stage however, her ownership has mirrored the old ownership.

  3. cherrypicker7
    cherrypicker7 says:

    I just finished updating myself and reading about this debacle. Something does not smell right, nor sit well. First off, $100K in the face of non-revenue generating $5.7M mortgage is small potatoes. That’s a few months interest. Something else is underway, but the zoning or other show stoppers are yet to be cleared. My gut tells me, she’s looking to forgo the “board” sports and turn this enterprise into a “room and board” for a group of well heeled, and hopefully medically insured high dollar dis functionals. This is not what this area needs. Save that nonsense for the beautiful people out in the isolated hills of California and Arizona. The core of our region’s vitality is tourism, so make it happen.

    If memory serves me correct, there should be a stretch of runway suitable for this summer’s fleet of VLJs-Very Light Jets for you home-gamers. This “mosquito fleet” could very well reinvigorate an all ready spectacular area if the right mix of development takes place. Be careful though, these $2M dollar jets could shuttle in the next round of Britney Spears and Mel Gibsons if people do not pay attention. Sugar Loaf has some serious potential, now just get it in some capable hands. Otherwise, we could soon be staring at Nick Nolte and Hollyweed’s latest rehab superstars, and accompanying poptartarazzi, staggering the hills of grandeur.

  4. lex
    lex says:

    I don’t care if it becomes a rehab place, just as long as it’s on top of the hill & you need to take a chairlift to get there.

    I’m still amazed after these past few years, that nothing has been accomplished, well nothing that we can see at least.

  5. Manny
    Manny says:

    Listening to planning director Trudy Galla, it is poignant to know that the building is falling into disrepair. I have seen very nice pictures of these building earlier and it is really heartening.

    However, it is good to know that $1 million revolving fund is granted by LCBRA and maybe we can expect good things about Michigan’s sugar loaf in the coming future.


  6. Richard Delta
    Richard Delta says:

    i love it, “she wasn’t aware that Cleveland Township officials have been ready and are waiting for her to submit formal plans to redevelop and reopen the defunct ski resort.”

    typical gov’t style….they are ready and waiting but probably never even told Kate that they were ready.

    same crap happened to me with a renovation approval….i submitted it and it sat on their desks for months before they even realized it was the wrong color envelope to be accepted (or something stupid)

    anyways, this post just sparked that memory…and i think Sugar Loaf is pretty much dead in the water!

  7. Flynn
    Flynn says:

    “she wasn’t aware that Cleveland Township officials have been ready and are waiting for her to submit formal plans to redevelop and reopen the defunct ski resort.”

    Why would they tell her? Isn’t it the job of the property owner to develop their property? Does the township to go to everyone and say “Oh by the way, we are here to review your plans in case you don’t want to just let your property crumble?”

    Kate dropped the ball hard and was just looking for someone to blame. She’s done nothing with the resort and her tenure has been a disaster.


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