Jurassic Lakeshore: The story of Gilbert the T-Rex

Gilbert the T-Rex Tyrannasaurus Rex SculptureKierstin Gunsberg of the Leelanau Ticker shares the story behind the T-rex sculpture at Curtis Warnes’ new gallery off Plowman Road in Empire:

Gilbert the T-RexThe artist says the larger-than-life dino is affectionately named “Gilbert” after his father, grandfather, and great-grandfather who were all Gilberts.

The inspiration for Gilbert came a few years ago, after Warnes worked with fellow metal sculptor Enoch Flaugher to design and construct a different towering dinosaur as a custom build for a client. Under Warnes’ direction, Flaugher says, “I very much learned as I went. It was completely new to me.”

After admiring their finished work, Warnes admired Flaugher’s sculpting skills and also realized the need for a dino of his own to “honor my family who have been in the Glen Arbor [and] Empire area for over 100 years.”

The prehistoric heavyweight is also a “way to drive attention to my business and art,” says Warnes, who typically creates up north-inspired furniture, decor, and one-of-a-kind artwork under his business name Curtis Warnes – Functional Art.

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Leelanau T-Rex Sculpture