Ken Scott: A small Tribute to Ananda Bricker

Ken’s words about Ananda from his flickr page:

… a very special person in the Glen Arbor art community and beyond . . .

and an inspiring person to me

obit is here.

… I’ve been asked a few times now about this piece and Ananda, so thought I’d
expand on that and how it pertains to this piece . . .

Ananda started the local art group and I joined when I first moved up to this region and knew nothing about ‘art’ let alone selling it!
… her family was one of the original investors in my first book that helped launch my regional career.
I’ve always thought highly of her, her husband and kids … all creative types.
Ananda lived right across from the dune.
I was out Thursday night shooting this piece, not knowing why …
hours of waiting while the images gathered and my thoughts were going in
their direction since they were across the way …
I didn’t know that she had passed …
The next day I was driven to edit the piece, but didn’t know why, I’ve learned
to go with my instincts and just kept at it … got to a point I needed a
break and I went in to sit with the cats, have a cup of coffee and read the
local paper that had been sitting there since Wednesday …
I opened the first page and it was the obit page, there she was and then it hit me …
the energy behind the piece . . .
I did a quick re-edit to make it hers just in time to make the gather at their
house that aft and gave a copy to her husband who is a whole other story …
amazing guy .. .. ..

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  1. Jan Heston
    Jan Heston says:

    Bravo, Ken Scott. A truly inspirational tribute to an incredible woman. Thanks for going with your instincts. I have long believed in “gut feelings”, and it is usually wise to listen to them.

  2. Kathy Drabik
    Kathy Drabik says:

    Where would the arts of Leelanau County be were it not for Ananda and Ben? A lovely tribute for a special woman. Thank you.

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