Kid's Fishing Day – Sunday, June 29

Nice...Boy with Giant Salmon Card by UpNorth Memories - Don HarrisonThe Leelanau Enterprise reports that this Sunday (Jun 29) from 11 AM – 3 PM is the fourth annual Kids Fishing Day at the former Veronica Valley Golf Course (map). They say that while the state has been slow in forwarding funds for the sale to the county as a park, owners Bill and Diane Grant are holding the free event. Because bluegills are so aggressive, kids are pretty much guaranteed to catch some:

Many of the bluegills planted in past years have held over. They are found in such abundance that growth is starting to stunt.

DNR fish biologist Todd Kalish said 1,310 bluegills were planted this year in the ponds on the Grant property, most going 6-7 inches. A few were larger…

In addition, 25 rainbows that went up to 14 inches and weighed up to 2 pounds were planted, and should be available.

…More than 30 volunteers will be on hand to help in any way they can, from tying on hooks to taking off fish. Everything is free, including hot dogs, pop and potato chips

Photo: Nice…Boy with Giant Salmon Card by UpNorth Memories – Don Harrison



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