Kilcherman's Antique Apples

Kilcherman's Antique ApplesJust north of Northport is an unassuming farm with a sign that simply says, “Antique Apples.”   When visitors stop at the Christmas Cove Farm and farmer’s market, they learn from John and Phyllis Kilcherman exactly what an antique apple is:

It is an apple that our ancestors grew and enjoyed. The origins date back in time, with varieties from the 1600s, 1700s, 1800s and early 1900s. They come from many foreign countries, as well as many states here in America. The flavors are a tasty treat; an experience to remember for years. They are very unique, and some varieties are extremely rare. Eat them sliced and you will be in for a gourmet experience. Enjoy the wonderful aroma, which will enhance the delightful tasting fun of every apple.

The Kilcherman’s have 240 varieties of apples grown on the farm.   Not only are visitors able to purchase apples and fresh cider at the farm, but John also ships gift boxes all over the country.  Each gift boxe contains different varities of apples, and the history of each different apple.

The Christmas Cove Farm is definitely worth the drive up the peninsula to Northport.  You can also read more about the antique apples on their website.   Also, read about Andy’s visit with the Kilchermans.

Photo: Kilcherman’s Christmas Cove Farm by unit2345