The Laker Chair Company

Adirondack ChairsThe Leelanau Enterprise has a feature on an interesting project by the shop class at Glen Lake High School.

To reinforce the knowledge they are imparting to their students, teachers Judy Willey and Jeff Barrett came up with an idea: form a company and have the students apply for jobs within the company. But rather than make it a “paper” entity, they decided to make it a real company.

“We came up with the Laker Chair Company. Jeff and I are the CEOs, the kids like to joke about that,” said Willey. The students are building Adirondack chairs made of cedar wood, and then market and sell the chairs. The class has produced four chairs, which they donated to the Glen Lake Gala.

Read The Laker Chair Company: Glen Lake ‘Transition’ program becomes a real business in the Enterprise…



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