Leelanau 911 offers 911 Texting Service

UpNorthLive​ reports on the new 911 texting service offered by the Leelanau County 911​:

Call 911 - Leland Harbor by Tom PowellThe Leelanau County emergency manager says it opens opportunities for the deaf community and citizens that need 911 under sensitive circumstances like domestic violence or an intruder in the house.

He says this is one more step in their goal to update their entire dispatch system.

“On the horizon, there will be the ability to send videos and pictures and what not and we’ll be able to send those out to our responders in the field,” said Leelanau County Emergency Manager, Matt Ansorge. “So we identified that system to put in place in order for us to grow as technology comes into play.”

Ansorge says the new Text-2- 911 program did not cost the county anything as it was a part of the dispatch system they currently have, it just took some time to set it up.

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photo: Call 911 – Leland Harbor by Tom Powell. See lots more in his “Up North” Michigan album on Flickr!