Leelanau Almanac for the Week of April 19-25, 2007

Morning Drive III by Andy McFarlane

Photo credit: Morning Drive III by Andy McFarlane.

News from the Week

A side effect of the weather may have been a corresponding lack of news. As far as I can tell, the top story of the week was news that the Cheese Shanty opened for the season. In my defense, I have to say that several people emailed me to say that they thought it newsworthy. Actually, there was a story that the lack of dredging at Leland Harbor may render it inaccessible. We also posted a picture of daffodils to help bring spring to your monitor.

The Week’s Weather

The week’s weather was, in a word, great. In two words: really great. In three- well, you get the idea. Sun and 60s, then 70s and even 80s and a bit of rain. A welcome change indeed!

April 19, 2007: Sunny & low 60s (63Ëš/30Ëš)
April 20, 2007: Sunny & low 60s (64Ëš/30Ëš)
April 21, 2007: Sunny & low 70s (73Ëš/34Ëš)
April 22, 2007: Sunny & low 80s!! (84Ëš/42Ëš) Best. Earth Day. Ever.
April 23, 2007: Rain with later clearing & upper 60s (71Ëš/41Ëš)
April 24, 2007: Mostly sunny & upper 50s (59Ëš/34Ëš)
April 25, 2007: Mostly sunny & upper 50s (57Ëš/37Ëš)