Leelanau Almanac for the Week of August 9-15, 2007

Fishtown by detroitsky

North Bar Lake by daghlian

We at Leelanau.com would like to say thank you, Mike Vanderberg for all you did for Empire & Leelanau – you brought a lot more music into our lives and you will be sorely missed. There’s a nice article in the Glen Arbor Sun about Mike.

News from the Week

The top story from the week was definitely that the Leelanau Cheese Company’s aged raclette was named the best cheese in North America at the largest cheese competition in US history. As a person who eats their raclette almost every day, I found that especially gratifying … except for the fact that it’s sold out everywhere! As often happens in the summer, the other stories were all events: last weekend’s Leelanau Wine & Food Fest (and Dog Parade) in Northport and the upcoming Woolsey Airport Fly-in & Breakfast and the Kelly Miller Circus in Empire.

The Week’s Weather

The big weather news was that we finally got some rain. Maybe not enough, but more than a sprinkle!

August 9, 2007: Sunny & 80s (84Ëš/59Ëš)
August 10, 2007: Mostly cloudy & 80s (84Ëš/62Ëš)
August 11, 2007: Sunny & 90 (91Ëš/61Ëš)
August 12, 2007: Mostly cloudy, some heavy rain & thunderstorms (finally) and low 80s (82Ëš/66Ëš)
August 13, 2007: Sunny & 70s (77Ëš/54Ëš)
August 14, 2007: Mostly sunny & 80 (81Ëš/54Ëš)
August 15, 2007: Sunny & 80 (81Ëš/60Ëš)

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