Leelanau Almanac for the Week of December 25-31, 2008

DH Day Farm

DH Day Farm by 1Cher

News from the Week

Stories from the (abbreviated) week included news that it’s becoming easier to get fresh & local food in the wintertime, the liquidation of a real estate development company showing that the economic crisis is reaching us here in Leelanau and photos of Holiday Wishes and a beautiful barn.

The Week’s Weather

Our weather was once again on the violent side – a record high on Saturday along with heavy rains that destroyed our snow cover followed up by heavy winds and snow.

December 25, 2008: Flurries, a bit of sun and 20s (25/18)
December 26, 2008: Heavy snow & 30s (40/19)
December 27, 2008: Heavy rain (1″) and 50 (53/40) Record high!
December 28, 2008: Snow/rain & 40s (52/25)
December 29, 2008: Windy, flurries & 20s (38/23)
December 30, 2008: Snow & low 20s (24/21)

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