Leelanau Almanac for the Week of February 2-7, 2007

Platte River by Jim Sorbie

Platte River by Jim Sorbie (part of his great Winter in Leelanau set)

News from the Week

The week’s top story was a report that the former owners of the King’s Challenge golf course (adjacent to Sugar Loaf) are suing the current owners (Sugar Loaf Development LLC) to foreclose. I think I probably speak for a lot of folks around here who wish that there was some kind of governmental agency that would step in and sort this endless mess out. It’s like a game of Monopoly except for the fact that millions of dollars every year are lost from Leelanau’s economy. Other stories included a report on what we’ve been up to when we were supposed to be bringing you Leelanau stuff, a preview of Empire’s Winterfest and an explanation of how you can get updated Leelanau wallpaper/computer backgrounds and photos.
The Week’s Weather

The weather was great if you like things very cold with lots of snow and wind. If you don’t like those things, you were probably less than ecstatic.

February 1, 2007: Snow & low 20s (24Ëš/19Ëš)
February 2, 2007: Snow & teens (21Ëš/15Ëš)
February 3, 2007: Snow, wind & single digits (12Ëš/1Ëš)
February 4, 2007: Snow, wind & bitterly cold (1Ëš/-2Ëš)
February 5, 2007: Snow, wind & single digits (10Ëš/0Ëš)
February 6, 2007: Snow, wind & single digits (10Ëš/1Ëš)
February 7, 2007: Light snow, windy & teens (16Ëš/8Ëš)

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