Leelanau Almanac for the Week of January 8-14, 2009

Leelanau Almanac for the Week of January 8-14, 2009

Sleeping Bear Dunes by gh patriot

News from the Week

News from the week included a story that made official what we all knew: we got a lot of snow in December! Actually, Leelanau had a record snowfall total in 2008. Other stories included a report on an expansion and new partner for Leelanau sparkling wine maker L. Mawby and a neat photo of a winter sleigh ride. We also posted a video from last Thursday’s Music for Chiapas benefit.

The Week’s Weather

The week’s weather was cold, then it was really cold. And windy.

January 8, 2009: Snowy & 20s (29/19)
January 9, 2009: Light snow, some sun & low 20s (24/18)
January 10, 2009: Partly sunny, light snow & teens (20/7)
January 11, 2009: Light snow & low 20s (24/7)
January 12, 2009: Light snow & teens (26/16)
January 13, 2009: Light snow & low teens (23/-4)
January 14, 2009: Mostly cloudy, windy, snow & very cold (17/-6)

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