Leelanau Almanac for the week of June 26 – July 2, 2008

Shalda Creek by jsorbieus

Shalda Creek by jsorbieus

News from the Week

The most emailed to me story for quite sometime was news that the Grand Traverse Lighthouse is in the running for free new windows. Click over and vote! The rest was all events and me being too busy to post news!

The Week’s Weather

There was a little bit of rain and temps are still a bit on the cool side but all in all, a great early summer week of weather!

Jun 26, 2008: Partly sunny & upper 70s (79/62)
Jun 27, 2008: Partly sunny with brief storms & 80s (86/62)
Jun 28, 2008: Mostly sunny & 70s with brief evening rain (77/56)
Jun 29, 2008: Mostly sunny & low 70s with evening rain (74/54)
Jun 30, 2008: Mostly sunny & low 70s with evening rain (74/54)
Jul 1, 2008: Sunny & 80s (84/48)
Jul 2, 2008: Partly sunny with evening thunderstorms (some hail!) and 70 (72/56)

Click for the Leelanau news archive from June 2007 and July 2007 and our June 2008 page.

Weather Resources

Bouy 45002 in Lake Michigan is located halfway between North Manitou Island and Washington Island in Lake Michigan. It provides wind and wave data. Also check out Michigan Sea Grant Coastwatch for water temps (the “early evening” images in their archive will give you a better idea of actual temps during peaks swimming hours).

Leland, Michigan Forecast from Ann Arbor based wunderground

Weather Underground is just about as old as the internet (the first net weather service) and is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Sometimes the above banner will show personal weather system data from Leland and sometimes it comes from a vineyard on Old Mission (it tells you which in the top left of the page it links to).



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