Leelanau Almanac for the Week of November 1-7, 2007

The Crystal River by Jim Sorbie

The Crystal River by Jim Sorbie

News from the Week

Stories from the week included a little more about Sugar Loaf, the announcement of the annual Leelanau Coat Drive, upcoming shows at the Inside Out Gallery from Emily Lively & Chuck Suchy and a quick report on the results of Leelanau’s elections.

The Week’s Weather

We had a nice weekend last weekend and then some crazy wind Monday & Tuesday that blew the leaves around, knocked out power, started fires and generally made itself unwelcome. We also saw our first snow of the year. Ho-ho-hold on now!

November 1, 2007: Partly sunny & 40s (48Ëš/30Ëš)
November 2, 2007: Sunny, breezy & low 50s (55Ëš/28Ëš)
November 3, 2007: Mostly sunny, breezy & upper 40s (51Ëš/32Ëš)
November 4, 2007: Mostly sunny, breezy & upper 40s (51Ëš/30Ëš)
November 5, 2007: Cloudy, rain, very windy & 40s (48Ëš/39Ëš)
November 6, 2007: Very windy (45+ mph), rain, sleet & 30s (39Ëš/35Ëš)
November 7, 2007: Flurries & 30s (37Ëš/33Ëš)

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