Leelanau Almanac for the Week of September 7-13, 2006

Sprinters in the Tour de Leelanau

News from the Week

The week’s top story was a Leelanau Enterprise report that the executive committee of the Leelanau County Board of Commissioners would consider a recommendation from the county’s Solid Waste Council to approve imposition of a $29 per-household fee in the seven townships where voters approved the surcharge and ask for a voluntary payment of the fee from residents of the townships that rejected the measure. According to this week’s paper, it sounds as if this plan is moving forward. We also link to an interesting feature on Leelanau Independent Women for Democratic Action (LIWDA), a non-partisan, progressive, political action group.

The Week’s Weather

We’ve had a lot of rain over the last week, and temps have been none too warm.

September 7, 2006: Mostly sunny & upper 70s (80Ëš/55Ëš)
September 8, 2006: Cloudy, rain & 70s (78Ëš/55Ëš)
September 9, 2006: Mostly cloudy, some rain & low 60s (62Ëš/48Ëš)
September 10, 2006: Partly cloudy & low 60s (64Ëš/37Ëš)
September 11, 2006: Mostly cloudy & low 60s (64Ëš/50Ëš)
September 12, 2006: Mostly cloudy, scattered showers & low 60s (62Ëš/53Ëš)
September 13, 2006: Cloudy, rain & upper 50s (60Ëš/53Ëš)

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