Leelanau Backcountry Skiing Video

Apparently it’s YouTube week on Leelanau.com. Nick put together an amazing video of backcountry skiing in the Sleeping Bear that we have to share.

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  1. Luis
    Luis says:

    Wow. I really loved this video. I started skiing about 3 years ago; am 37; and am totally in love with the sport. I just got some fat icelantic skis and I’m putting on some AT bindings on. I live in Chicago — few hills. I would love to just join in the fun! Keep in touch.

  2. Jeremy
    Jeremy says:

    Planning a skin trip with some buddies and found this video. We live in Big Rapids and would love to follow in your tracks. Where in the park was this at?? If its a secret stash, we’ll keep it to ourselves, for we have few of our own in the U.P.. Thanks for any help.

    Shred Happy

  3. Nick Nerbonne
    Nick Nerbonne says:

    Hey, Jeremy. Great to hear you’re planning to get out into the backcountry. We were able to get out after the big storm before Christmas, but things are looking a little thin right now. Hope we get some snow before your trip!

    As for the locations in this video, much of it was shot on a piece of private land that we have permission to ski, so we pretty much respect the owner’s privacy there. The places in the Park are kind of like a favorite hole on a trout stream. I know that people might find them and enjoy them, but I’m probably not going to publish details on the Internet. Hope that makes sense. Drop me a DM on Twitter at @NickNerbonne and I’ll give you a hint or two. Cheers.

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