Leelanau Indoor Farmer's Market

Honey Crisp Apples MSU Extension-LeelanauLeland Public School and the Leelanau MSU Extension are hosting an indoor farmer’s market featuring fruits, vegetables and pumpkins for sale next Tuesday (Oct 16) from noon to four o’clock. This will be a great opportunity for children to learn more about our local agricultural community and to reach families that may not already visit the Leelanau Farmer’s Markets held around the county.

The staff is excited about the market and hope you come and join the excitement. Public is welcome and encouraged and you can call the school at 256-9857 for more info on Tuesday’s event and MSU Extension at 256-9888 for information on the Leelanau Farmers Markets!

Photo credit: Honey Crisp Apples from MSU Extension-Leelanau



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