Leelanau is Least Obese County in Michigan

Leelanau is Least Obese County in Michigan

Dodging Waves & Wasting Time (with a nod to Bob Dylan) by Mark Smith

In today’s “Bad News with a Silver Lining” department comes this mLive article that an estimated 32.3% of Michigan adults were obese in 2018, down slightly from 32.5% in 2017, according to a federal health survey.

Michigan now ranks 32nd in obesity. Nationwide, 31.3 percent of adults are obese, based on responses to the federal Centers for Disease Control’s annual Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance survey. Obese is defined as adults with a body mass index of 30.0 or higher based on reported height and weight.

Leelanau County is now No. 1 among Michigan’s 83 counties in health outcomes, while Washtenaw County is still No. 1 in health “factors,” according to a new analysis by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

…The foundation does an annual ranking of American counties based on a broad variety of health-related data. Their ranking of health outcomes is based half on life expectancy and half on “quality of life,” which includes measures of physical and mental health.

The analysis of health factors looks at behaviors such as smoking, drinking and sexual activity; access to health care; sociodemographics such as education, income and employment, and physical environment, such as air and water quality, housing and transit.

Leelanau County ranked No. 1 overall on health outcomes among the 83 counties. In the study’s subcategories, Leelanau had the following rankings:

  • Length of life: 2
  • Quality of life: 2
  • Health behaviors: 3
  • Clinical care: 22
  • Social and economic factors: 6
  • Physical environment: 13

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