Leelanau on Location: The Old Art Building

Leelanau on Location: The Old Art Building

The Old Art Building, Leland, MichiganSince the early 1920s when the Walter T. Best Women’s Club organized the effort, the building on the south bank of the Leland River has hosted social and cultural events, some as famous as the lecture and entertainment series of the Redpath Chautauqua Assembly Circuit. In 1939, the building was given to Michigan State University in 1939 to use as a summer art school, a purpose which it served for 50 years. (more history)

In 1991, the Leelanau Community Cultural Center was formed and today the Old Art Building hosts art and craft classes, art exhibits, dances and musical events which are held both indoor and out and the building is also available for private rentals and events. Dramatic presentations and community gatherings are also held both indoor and outdoor. The Old Art Building has something for everyone; from writer’s workshops and rug-making, to watercolor classes and yoga.

Cool things to do: Attend any of the classes, presentations, exhibitions, or community gatherings.

For more, visit their web site at oldartbuilding.com!

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