The Leelanau Township Library

The Leelanau Township Library is the oldest library in Leelanau County. History shows this library dating back to at least 1856. Historians have the Rev. George Smith to thank for that date, as he mentions it in his diary that year. The current building was dedicated in 1968 and opened for public use and perusal.

Today the library holds approximately 20,000 books and issues library cards to all residents and visitors free of charge. The library strives to “provide materials and services that will contribute to the educational, informational, and recreational needs of all the people served.” All are cordially invited to take a load off and bury their nose in a book, or peruse the library’s other diverse materials, such as movies, music and magazines.

Cool things to do: bring a kid to the children’s reading hour, check out Art in the Corner, use the free internet, check out a book and head down to the marina.



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