Leland Drama presents Thoroughly Modern Millie

This weekend and next (May 6-8 and May 12-14), the Leland Public School drama program presents the musical Thoroughly Modern Millie.

This high-spirited musical romp tells the story of small-town girl, Millie Dillmount, who comes to New York City to marry for money instead of love – a thoroughly modern aim when women were just entering the workforce and the rules of love and social behavior were changing forever. Millie takes delight in the intrigue and flapper lifestyle of New York and audiences of all ages will delight in the jubilant jazz music, bright dance and escapades of Thoroughly Modern Millie. The performance is directed by Jeremy John Evans, and supported by the Verdier Circle of Friends.

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Speaking of Leland School, the Booster Club Chicken Dinner is tonight @ the Bluebird from 5-8 pm. Tickets are available in the office or you can call the office and we will hold them at the door for you. Prices are: $12 adult / $10 students. If you are doing take out the cost is $15 per person, so dine in and enjoy the beautiful Bluebird dining room!



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