Leland Volleyball team claims 2009 Regional Title

Leland Volleyball team claims 2009 Regional Title

Douglas Tesner / Record-Eagle
Leland Comets beat Central Lake in a three game sweep on Thursday for the Class D Regional Title. This is the first regional title since the Comets took the state title in 2006. Comets senior, Sarah Ruszel, told the Record Eagle:

“We’re starting a new tradition of winning volleyball again.” “We kind of faltered for awhile, but now we’re bringing it back. We were just so excited. This is the first time any of us have been to regionals.”

For highlights of the game, read the rest of the article at the Record Eagle site.

Leland now heads to Big Rapids on Tuesday, November 17, to face Beal City in the quarterfinals. Leland Public School will have a spectator bus for Middle School and High School students interested in attending the game. The cost to ride the bus is $5, and students must be registered by breakfast break on Tuesday morning. Parents are welcome to ride, please contact Leland School for more information.

Photo courtesy of Douglas Tesner / Record-Eagle.