Love, Leelanau & Chocolate Valentines Giveaway

Last week our This Week in Leelanau email featured a special Valentine’s Day offer from Grocer’s Daughter Chocolates. We offered one of Mimi’s tasty Valentine Heart Boxes to two lucky readers containing two orange truffles, two lavender, two pomegranate, two raspberry hearts, one honey and two berry caramels.

We got a lot of great letters about what people love – so many that we had to throw them into a hat! Our first winner was from Sandy J who wrote:

Three years ago my husband and I vacationed up there. We live in southern Michigan near the Indiana border. Don’t get me wrong, this is a beautiful area to live in, but I have really been talking to my husband a lot about moving up to Leelanau County to live once we retire. We both love the winters (even hard ones) and this area has so much to offer us. The beauty of Lake Michigan and the Islands. The awesome splendor of the forest of the National Park. There are so many trails to ride mountain bikes and or hike. We both snowshoe, hike, mountain bike and kayak. We love the outdoors! What a better place to retire and enjoy life!! The plus is that people have always been friendly to us and make us feel at home. We truly love Leelanau and long to live their!

Our second winner was Anne E. who said:

I love everything about Leelanau: the wineries, the restaurants, the beaches, the pine trees, the dappled roads, the morels in backyards, the Cottage Book Store, canoeing, winter tubing, the garden centers and the the wildlife. I particularly like that I have wonderful friends who reside in Cedar and Glen Arbor who offer me regular respite in their tranquil spaces!

Congratulations to both our winners, thanks to everyone who entered and Happy Valentines Day to all of you!



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