Summer Issue: 2001
[Northern Michigan Journal SUMMER 2001]
July 8, 2001
Movie Star Night by Anna Jonsson

The Long Winter by Mark Smith

Driving the Amish by Tom Springer

Aral: A Folk Opera by Andrew L. McFarlane

Of Boats and Trains and the River by Tom Paré

Fishing Down The Blues by RC Rutherford

Zen and the Terns of Manitou by Eric P. Mayer
Summer Issue: 2000
[Northern Michigan Journal SUMMER 2000]
June 18, 2000
Dimmick's Point by Mark Smith

Trout of Darkness by Andrew L. McFarlane

Leelanau Morning by Tom Oswald

Raspberry Summers by Patricia P. Miller

Because I Come and Go by M. Klosner

NMJ's Summer 2000 Reading List

Pictures of the Small by M.A. Michaels

Review of Northern Spirits Distilled by Mark Smith

Summer Breakout by James C. Mitchell
Summer Issue: 1999
[Northern Michigan Journal SUMMER 1999]
June 21, 1999
A Sense of Place by Mark Smith

Riding the Dunes by Andrew L. McFarlane

NMJ Book Excerpt: Road Guide to the Sleeping Bear Dunes by Susan Stites

Holy Rosary School, 1898-1998 by Scott E. Schopieray

NMJ Music Review: Bright Lights, Big Insects

The Green Grass of Home by Don Wilhelm

NMJ Book Review: The Legend of Mackinac Island

NMJ Featured Artist: Susan Eddy

A Butterfly and Stone for Amanda by Gary Winans

Summer Issue: 1998
[Northern Michigan Journal SUMMER 1998]
May 22, 1998
The Theory & Practice of Cherry Fighting by Larry Franks

Local Hero by Mark Smith

Reflection: The Lens of Memory

Great Lakes Shipwreck Conservation by Brendon Balliod

NMJ Book Review: The Legend of the Sleeping Bear

Ice Cream Girl by Suzanne Smith

Aunt Maxine by Julie L. Vance

Summer Issue: 1997
[NMJ: Summer Vacation 1997]
June-August 1997
God's Country by Mark Smith

The Lesson of the Taco Shell

The Beach Bards of Glen Arbor

The House Under the Light

The Thunderbird by Jim Rink

Gathering Time by Mark Smith

Young Writers: Amanda Evans

Together by James Mitchell

Great Spirit by Andrew L. McFarlane

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