Northport Plein Air Weekend & Leelanau Summinar Plein Air Talk

The annual Northport Arts Association Plein Air Weekend takes place this Saturday & Sunday (July 27 & 28) with a reception & “wet paint” sale Sunday from 6-8 PM. “Plein air” is French for “outdoors” and all weekend you can watch talented artists painting in and around Northport.

To help you get ready & to go deeper into the plein air craze that is sweeping the local art world, we’ll be talking later today with Association President Christine Verdon & noted Michigan pastel artist W Truman Hosner about this weekend’s event in Northport, Truman’s presentation about plein air from 2-4 PM TOMORROW as part of the Leelanau Summinars series in the Munnecke Room of the Leland Library, and plein air in general.

Stay tuned for the video, share any questions below, and click the links above for more information!