Nothing going on at Sugar Loaf

Winter 2015 at Sugar LOafToday in Obvious News via the Traverse City Record-Eagle​:

Rumors again are swirling that Eneliko “Liko” Smith is poised to become the next owner of shuttered Sugar Loaf resort near Cedar, rumors Smith himself spurred with a Facebook post (link to post) that stated his intentions to acquire the property and turn it into a snowboarding resort.

Las Vegas-based Smith occasionally — and oft-boisterously — voiced interest in the resort since 2010, and occasionally claimed impending ownership, but he’s yet to deliver. His most recent Facebook post was removed a few days after it appeared, and Leelanau county officials said they’ve seen no indication that Smith could wade into the Sugar Loaf scene anytime soon. Rock Investment Advisors, LLC, a company that lists former resort owner Remo Polselli as its principal, remains Sugar Loaf’s owner of record.

“Nobody’s talked to me or I haven’t heard anything yet,” said Steven Haugen, building official with the Leelanau County Construction Code Authority who regularly is in contact with Polselli.

John Peppler, a real estate agent who holds the property listing, dismissed Smith’s Facebook claims. “It’s absolutely not true,” Peppler said.

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