Participate in the Leelanau Peninsula Economic Foundation Business Survey

The Leelanau Peninsula Economic Foundation – a non-profit economic development institute launched last year by the Leelanau Peninsula Chamber of Commerce and governed by a board of directors representing communities, industries, and varied entrepreneurial expertise throughout the County – would like you to take part in their new survey of Leelanau businesses.

The survey is aimed at gathering feedback from Leelanau County business owners and managers on what’s going well in their businesses, what challenges they perceive, what factors are impeding the growth and development of their enterprises, and what suggestions they have for the LPEF on what role they can play in strengthening the economic vitality of Leelanau County businesses and communities.

The results of this survey effort will be communicated later this Spring, and are hoped to spark community-wide conversations about entrepreneurial constraints and contributions throughout Leelanau County.