Peshawbestown, Michigan

Peshawbestown, Michigan

Peshawbestown is located just a few miles south of Omena and is part of the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians’. The Leelanau Sands Casino is located in Peshawbestown and attracts many visitors every summer. Originally founded as a mission, Peshawbetown’s exact history and dates are disputed. Peshawbestown was established by 1855 and in 1911 the Detroit Free Press published an article about the village. According to the article in 1911 Peshawbestown “was the only pure Indian village in all of Michigan.” The village had “two long rows of log cabins” which showed “the battering of nearly three-quarters of a century of tempestuous northern winds and snows… broken window panes [are] stuffed here and there with rags to keep out the cold… the doors of the houses all fasten with a latch string, a piece of bent wire hooked over a nail or an occasional padlock.” The village was originally called Eagle Town and then renamed Peshabestown after Chief Peshaba who was Chief in 1859. Today the Peshawbestown Pow Wow remembers the history and culture of the Ottawa Chippewa Indians.

Peshawbestown, Michigan

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    Good morning, I am looking for information on the Medicine Lodge Singers. Do they perform outside of just pow wows? Who can I contact? Thank you.

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    Can you give me the dates of the Pow-wow the summer of 2010? Thank you.
    Just double checking.

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