Polselli admits to Sugar Loaf Ownership

Here’s the beginning of Polselli, Rock Investment Advisors, admit to Sugar Loaf ownership; two suitors vying for purchase:

“Liko is like someone who’s dating a girl, but thinks and says he’s engaged to her because he doesn’t want anyone else to go after her. He sees the potential in Sugar Loaf. Half the battle is wanting it. The other half is having the money.” — Remo Polselli 

SugarLoafLiftGraffitiIn a rare and extensive interview with the Glen Arbor Sun today, Remo Polselli admitted that he is the owner of Sugar Loaf resort, through his share in Rock Investment Advisors, LLC. Polselli did not specify the extent of his ownership, or who else is involved in the corporation, but added that Liko Smith has no — nor has had any — part of Rock Investments.

Glen Arbor realtor John Peppler confirmed that he has been representing Rock Investment Advisors and Polselli. Peppler currently lists the long-shuttered ski resort at $8.72 million (here’s a link to the listing). Peppler represented the owners during this Wednesday’s inspection of Sugar Loaf, which was conducted by Leelanau County code inspector Steve Haugen.

Peppler said that the inspection revealed cosmetic damage, and speculated that much of the lodge’s interior will need to be redone, but said that Haugen found the building to be stable. Despite rumors to the contrary, the inspection found no sewage leaks and no evidence of rodents. Peppler said that Haugen didn’t find even a single tablespoon of mouse feces.

Haugen will release the inspection report sometime this month. The first recipient will probably be former Sugar Loaf owner Kate Wickstrom, whose name is still listed on the ownership deed. Wickstrom transferred the deed to Polselli last March, in hopes of washing her hands clean of the resort, but Polselli never registered the deed with Leelanau County.

Visit the Glen Arbor Sun to read the rest of the feature and definitely stay tuned to the Sun for the latest on the Sugar Loaf saga! In related news make that satire, extreme CEO Liko Smith has apparently copied and pasted his own press release from last fall to “fire” Remo Polselli. This would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

Looks like I got taken by Dave at Agnarchy.com who more or less re-posted an earlier press release from Liko Smith with Polselli inserted in place of the last person fired from the project.

Well played, Dave! I still think it would be funny if it wasn’t such a sad state of affairs. It’s at the point where I’d believe these were the new owners



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  1. David Z
    David Z says:

    Hey just wanted to clarify the PR at agnarchy.com is 100% satire. There has been some confusion about this, probably because Liko’s real press releases were literally this bad to begin with… I should probably update that article to include some sort of disclaimer/etc.


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