Sada Omoto-Talk About Art

The fourth program in the Talk About Art series will feature retired art history professor, Sada Omoto who will speak at 7:30PM, Thursday, March 18 at the Glen Arbor Art Association. His talk is titled, “Regionalism Revisited” focusing on art, artists, and the culture of Northwest Lower Michigan.

Born and raised near Seattle and educated in the Midwest (Oberlin, Michigan State, and Ohio State), Sada Omoto taught art history at Bradley University, Wayne State, and Michigan State. Since moving to Leland in 1997, he has concentrated on painting at the Old Art Building in Leland. His early background has made him sensitive to the diversity of art history traditions which has shaped his creativity as an artist in Northwest Lower Michigan.

Sada Omoto’s March 18th talk at the Glen Arbor Art Association will explore the question of how we identify and relate to the geography, the history, the countryside and the Big Lake, a constant reminder of this region. This uniqueness cries out to our artists to paint, sketch, document and preserve this wonderful Northwest Lower Michigan. In art history texts, “Regional Art” ordinarily is applied to the triumvirate of Grant Wood, Thomas Hart Benton, and John Steuart Curry, and appears to disregard those artists whose works seem to be outside the traditional art history category of “Regional Art.” What of the countless names of less recognized artists and their works in this part of Michigan?

The Talk About Art series gives the community an opportunity to meet some of our many accomplished local artists and gain an appreciation and understanding of art and how it is created. The talks are free and open to the public. The final two in the series are Pam Yee, Altered Books (April 29) and Edee Joppich, Color (May 6).

The Glen Arbor Art Association is located across from Cherry Republic behind Lake Street Studios in Glen Arbor. For more information call 231/334-6112 or e-mail



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