Sugar Loaf Renovation Plans Announced

Sugar Loaf Renovation Plans Announced

Snowboarder on Devil's Elbow .... 1990-somethingThe TC Record-Eagle reports that a focus on snowboarding and skateboarding highlight an estimated $50 million renovation plan for the dormant resort that new owner Kate Wickstrom submitted to Cleveland Township officials.

Wickstrom hopes to reopen the resort’s bar and restaurant by summer, and have two of the ski lifts operating for the 2006-07 winter season for snowboarding and skiing. Also included in plans are converting the Sugar Barn to an indoor skateboard facility, a 135-unit recreational vehicle campground, airport condominiums and extensive modifications to the existing facility.

The Cleveland Township Planning Commission will review the plans at their meeting this Wednesday. Have comments?? Post them below!
Read Leelanau resort to focus on snowboarders in the Record-Eagle



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  1. J. Hicks
    J. Hicks says:

    Our family owns a rental property in the Leelanau area. As ours is a year round rental, the majority of winter inquiries include questions about winter sports. Based on our experience, there is definitely a demand for a place to ski and snowboard. The renters that want to ski/snowboard have occasionally reconsidered a reservation when they find out that it may be 45 minutes or more to get to the Homestead or Crystal for more serious skiing. Leelanau & Traverse City are beloved by so many (in the short 1 & 1/2 year we have owned our property, we have had people from Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, and of course the “down staters”). Sugarloaf’s revival seems as though it would be well received by those near and far.

  2. Bryanp
    Bryanp says:

    Let’s hold our optimism for a moment! Perspective is certainly in order. Thus far, EVERY item that Kate has promised would happen,
    was about to happen, or would follow a given timeline HAS NOT happened. NOT ONE. The goodwill that was present last April at ‘Foots
    has gone by the wayside, having been replaced by doubt and scepticism. It is my understanding that late last October, Kate walked
    away from a fair deal from the new Golf Course owners to purchase the property and bring it together again. At the last moment, she
    backed out, seeking a “profit” on her “investment.” How do we know that this is not simply posturing to try and influence the offer
    being put forth by Brian and Ed? There has been absolutely NO ONE at that resort doing ANY renovations. NO ONE. I know. I live here.
    Next item: extreme sports/snowboarders/skateboarders? These are the 20 somethings. Are these the folks going to plunk down the
    bucks to buy resort condos? They are barely out of college (if attended) and haven’t purchased their FIRST home yet. And the RV Park?
    That will do wonders for property values, especially with gas at $3.00 with $4.00 clearly on the horizon. 135 spaces filled with 38 foot
    mobile homes filled with folks who can’t afford to buy property here, will pack their own meals, but expect use of all of the amenities
    available. This will be next to airport condos? I struggle to see this mix succeeding. I believe there should be a strong showing
    on Wednesday night at the Cleveland Township Hall to hear and see what the “proposal” consists of. I remain doubtful
    of her motives. The paper describes a plan attempting to “hit” a little bit for everyone. A good business person will tell you that
    that is NOT a good plan. I believe SugarLoaf is an amazing gem. I just am not sure it has the RIGHT owner yet!?! KOA – here I come!

  3. amex
    amex says:

    A skateboard and snowboard park with RV’s???????? Maybe Kate is trying to implement one of the 7 common habits of sucessful
    business people. “Find a niche and exploite it.” One problem thought. You need to know your Niche.

  4. jamesm1
    jamesm1 says:

    Hold the press, folks! Sounds more like a press release for publicity and a way to stir up “buyer” interest, NOT a biz plan. Isn’t the general RV population older (i.e., not the skate boarding type)? Who stays in an RV park during the winter? The air strip doesn’t have any IFR capabilty – who flies into Sugar Loaf in the Winter (poor & icy weather, short daylight hours, no tower/navigation equipment and no fuel)?

    It’s either a bluff or a very strange way to spend a lot of money…good luck, Kate!

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