Sugar Loaf SOLD … to Aliens!

Alien INVADERs atop Sugar Loaf Mountain

Sugar Loaf area resident Bryan Poirier – who was up late practicing for the upcoming New Third Coast tour opening for Neil Young – was startled Sunday night to see “a bunch of lights zooming up and down the face of the mountain, but I just figured it was Jim Rennie ‘sleep-grooming’ again.”

Rennie, another area resident, admitted that he had sought treatment for the rare sleep disorder. He said that he had been headed over to the Loaf to set a few gates “just for practice” when he too saw the strange lights. Upon arrival, he realized that the lights were a remarkable array of unidentified flying objects. By morning, county law enforcement officials and a growing crowd of curious onlookers were on the scene.

Calls to Sugar Loaf’s owner, attorney and realtor went unanswered, setting people’s minds somewhat at ease that it was still business as usual at the long-shuttered resort. Shortly after noon excitement was rekindled when, at a hastily called press conference, it was announced that Sugar Loaf Mountain had been sold … to aliens!

Sugar Loaf SnowboarderThe purchasing party is a consortium of several alien species who are calling themselves INVADER (Intergalactic Negotiators for Very Amicable Development of Extra-species Relationships). INVADER spokesman Klaatu announced the sale of Sugar Loaf for an undisclosed sum and pledged a massive investment in anti-gravity chair lifts and advanced alien snowmaking technology that would render the hills skiable 10 months out of the year.

When pressed about the selling price, Klaatu said “Long ago, we abandoned the concept of money … along with war, starvation and reality television but I can tell you that all parties are happy with the outcome.”

Alien attorney Zoth the Destroyer dismissed as “outrageous” speculation that the resort would be used as the beachhead for an alien invasion and regrettably ate our photographer, cutting the interview short. We did receive a lovely fruit basket by way of apology, however.



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  1. Kathy Dawkins
    Kathy Dawkins says:

    Good, Andy. It has me wondering what the Leland Report has to say about this recent event.

  2. Bryanp
    Bryanp says:

    I saw it! I saw it! Scared the stuffing out of me!!! I did later learn that it was simply a reunion party for “Star Wars” cast, fans and fanatics. They said they were hoping to duplicate the “Cantina” scene and, since ‘Foots is closed, they thought they’d try the ‘Loaf. There was a little green guy running around and I was able hear him say, “Use the force, Luke.” There was also some paternal dispute cause some big, masked guy was quoted as saying, “No! I am your father.”

    Shortly after they were all beamed up. I think Jim Rennie went with ’em. Oops! Wrong movie!

    Happy April Fool’s!!!

  3. Donald UpNorth Memories Harrison
    Donald UpNorth Memories Harrison says:

    Hey Andy! I don’t belong to the Friends of Sugar Loaf Group but I saw this FUN post. Question…Do you think Liko already has HIS OWN ACTION FIGURE! Just thinking… but I am betting on that!!! 🙂

    Don Harrison

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