Suttons Bay Antique Appraisal Fair

Antique Clock by John LevanenOn Sunday, September 30th from 1-4 pm the Antique Appraisal Fair will be in full swing at the Suttons Bay Friendship Community Center (FCC) for the third consecutive year.

At the FCC Antique Appraisal Fair, one can learn about the history and value of a piece of antique furniture, jewelry, china, pottery, silverware, postcard, fishing tackle, or other curio for only $5.00. For the first time, categories for 2007 include antique firearm, and expert appraisers and experienced antique dealers have generously volunteered their time.

The old Grange Hall at 201 Broadway has been FCC’s home for the past 19 years. FCC Director, Peggy Core sees it as “a particularly appropriate location for an event that celebrates the history of familiar and unusual items that probably were used during the time the National Grange was formed.” Grange halls such as the one in Suttons Bay have functioned since 1867 as rural community centers where neighbors could meet for educational events, dances, potlucks, town meetings, and other gatherings and activities … like an Antique Appraisal Fair!

This year’s event will feature a “BUY AND SELL” arena. Sellers can bring in an antique item, provide a brief description of it, set an asking price, and display it in the BUY & SELL arena. When someone purchases it, the Center receives a percentage of the sale price and the seller gets a check for the bigger share. Buy & Sell Forms will be available for pick up prior to or at the Fair. There is no charge to come in and listen to the evaluations or to purchase from the “buy and sell” arena. Visitors are sure to hear plenty of interesting conversations and useful facts. For further information, call FCC Director, Peggy Core at 271-4630.

Photo credit: Antique Clock by John Levanen