TC Teamup: Drive-through Covid-19 (coronavirus) Testing Centers

Field Collection of Samples by Sample Serve

Field Collection of Samples by Sample Serve

MITECHNEWS.COM reports on two Traverse City companies who are teaming up to provide drive-through COVID-19 testing centers that would include the tent to house staff and the software that would facilitate testing and samples that would be sent to laboratories to determine if the person tested has coronavirus:

Russell Schindler, CEO of SampleServe, has spent more than a decade developing a digital environmental sampling app that includes a Bluetooth label printer, barcoded and QR coded labels to track all the sample details.

Eliminating the paperwork normally associated with lab sample data login reduces processing from about 30 – 45 minutes to just seven seconds, with no typos, Schindler said.

“We’re not just collecting data, we’re facilitating sampling and printing labels via Bluetooth,” he said. “We have separate lab app designed for the lab to receive these sample and data. We have the mobile field app to collect the data and label the bottles and a separate lab app to receive the bottles and data upon arrival at the lab. Our apps combined create a digital chain-of-custody.”

Schindler said the finishing touches on pivoting from an environmental testing kit to a healthcare testing kit should be concluded within a week or so, depending on demand. Then he wants to sell the software services for just $3 per patient or lower to help healthcare and government officials determine exactly how many people in their jurisdictions have contracted COVID-19.

Read more from MITECHNEWS.COM and kudos to companies who are stepping up!