The Beach Bards: by heart poetry, storytelling and music

The Beach BardsNext Friday (Jun 20) the Beach Bards return for another season of by heart poetry, storytelling and music. This Leelanau summer tradition takes place every Friday evening on the Leelanau School Beach in Glen Arbor at 8:30, June 20 – Aug. 22 and is really a tremendous experience for all ages. At the fee of “one dollar per being” it’s also a tremendous bargain.

It starts with a children’s hour where you can hear (and tell and sing) classic tales from the region and elsewhere and continues long into the evening. In addition to the regular Beach Bards, you never know who will pop up to tell a tale or share a song.

You can read more about the Beach Bards in this Northern Michigan Journal feature courtesy the Glen Arbor Sun. It’s a decade old but still fits.



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