The Snowbird Inn

The Snowbird InnOn M-22, just before Leland, you will notice The Snowbird Inn nestled among maple and oak trees, beside a tidy barn on sandy forest soil. An expansive home graciously awaiting the visit of far off travelers, this century old house resides right here in Northern Michigan, in the cranny of Good Harbor Bay. Together, innkeeper Lisa Psenka and her family tend to the art of sharing their home and the region they love.

The pleasures of staying at a bed and breakfast are many, among them is the guarantee that no two experiences will be identical. At the Snowbird, a tender toddler greets guests with a glad hello, then hustles back into the kitchen to help her mother bake muffins. Just outside the door, a dining table–stretching across the room–serves as the central gathering place for a potpourri of guests, some of who have traveled from half way around the world. Together, they commune over quiche, sampling a bit of Lisa’s delicious menu offerings, exchange stories and maybe gossip about the notorious Al Capone who is confirmed to have once lived nearby.

The Inn serves as a base for guests who spend their days adventuring: touring wine country, swimming at one of many nearby beaches or hiking the regions National Lakeshore. On a rainy fall day, one may chose to read on the couch. In the summer, guests can take a book to the lake or simply walk the ten minute trail to the picturesque bay. With 18 acres to explore, there is much to see, but one will not stray far before they intersect Lisa’s vegetable and herb garden–growing voraciously–fueled by the steady mist of morning rain and the soil she has nourished tenderly.

On any given day, Lisa rises early prepare breakfast for a house of guests and readies her two girls for school and the days calendar. The Psenka family purchased the house about twenty years ago and after a year of ownership, they extended their space to travelers. Although the Snowbird is a base for this young family, the girls are accustomed to sharing their space and maintaining an atmosphere that is as relaxing and as tranquil as its picturesque setting.

Check out The Snowbird Inn at their website: They have an extensive site that explores the history and activities of their inn and the region; the families collection of endeavors, including the production of bottled cider and a micro-brewing operation already in the works.