Vineyards for sale in Leelanau County

Vineyards for sale in Leelanau CountyIf you ever wanted to own a vineyard in Leelanau County, has a feature for you:

“There has never been a property in the state of Michigan that has been sold with vines on it,” says realtor Dan Matthies of Peninsula Properties.

…The lack of turnover in vineyard properties, Matthies says, is related to the kind of commitment it takes to be a vintner. Add the time (three years before you see your first crop, five years before a full harvest) and upfront capital ($15,000 an acre to plant grape vines), and it’s pretty clear that starting a vineyard is more about passion than it is the bottom line.

After all that grape TLC, if a vintner does end up wanting to sell, says Matthies, who also sits on the Michigan Wine and Grape Council, appraisals are difficult—given that there are no comparable properties. Matthies believes the best appraisal is one that takes into account Northern Michigan’s growing national reputation as a superb wine growing region.

The three properties currently on the market are Willow Vineyard and neighboring Chateau de Leelanau (view listing) overlooking West Grand Traverse Bay and Bel Lago on South Lake Leelanau.

Photo: Bel Lago Vineyard by Cotopaxi Sprattmoram



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    The Vine Goddess says:

    It is a great time to pursue that dream of a vineyard in Leelanau County. We write extensively about the reality of owning a vineyard and the experience we’ve gained through the scientific method called “trial and error” in our 20+ years of raising premium chardonnay and pinot noir grapes on the Leelanau Peninsula on our blog at We invite you to visit as we chronicle life in the vineyard in this beautiful peninsula.

    The Vine Goddess and Diesel Boy

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