Planners to Begin Work on Windmill Zoning

TCLP windmillThe TC Record-Eagle reports that Centerville Township planning commissioners will meet April 4 to begin work on a zoning ordinance to regulate commercial windmills and address public concerns about height, noise, property setbacks and environmental impact.

Noble Environmental Power, a Connecticut-based company that specializes in wind energy, identified about 8,000 acres of land along County Road 645 as suitable for between 40 and 60 turbines. Each 390-foot turbine could generate up to 1.5 megawatts of power.

Read Harnessing Wind Energy in the Traverse City Record-Eagle

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  1. grams06
    grams06 says:

    Please read the article in my local newspaper on windfarms. Although the farmland in this area is
    different from that in Leelanau County I believe the concerns are valid for both areas. An article in the
    Enterprise presenting both sides should be published so residents can see the negatives as well as the
    positives. This proposal will have far reaching effects on the County and it’s residents and should be
    addressed before decisions that can’t be reversed are made.

  2. teddy upjohn
    teddy upjohn says:

    “Harness the power” good said !

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