10,000 Bottles of pop on the wall at Kilcherman Farms

The photo is 10000 Bottles and Patricia writes:

We had a chance to chat with Phyllis Kilcherman about her husband’s pop bottle collection that is now at 10,000! Each bottle is unique.

The Kilcherman’s own Christmas Cove Farm in Northport, MI at 11573 N. Kilcherman Rd. They’ve been there since 1955! In addition to seeing their pop bottle collection, they also offer dozens of varieties of antique apples and cider for sale…and have fun chatting with them which is the best part of all!

From downtown Northport head north out of town on 201, go left at the first split…less than a mile from town.

Have fun!

If you go there, I expect you will. Years ago, I had a chance to talk with John & Phyllis about their antique apples. More about the Christmas Cove Farm at their web site.

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  1. Jess
    Jess says:

    Hello! My boyfriend and I are staying in Lake Leelanau today and tomorrow, and we were wondering if you had any recommendations for fun things to see and do around the area (we’d be willing to drive for a while!). Any ideas would be welcome. Thank you!

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