2010 Leelanau Farmer's Market Schedule

Update (Sept 9): There are still 3 Leelanau Farmers Markets open this weekend: in Northport on Friday mornings and in Empire and Suttons Bay on Saturday Morning. And lots of great produce and products available. Apples anyone? See the complete list on their website and check them out on Facebook!

Thursday morning at the market2010 Leelanau Farmer’s Markets are underway in Glen Arbor, Lake Leelanau, Leland, Northport and Suttons Bay. They offer you a chance to get out and connect with farmers and other folks who produce food in Leelanau County. You can also connect with Leelanau Farmer’s Markets on Facebook!

Tuesdays in Glen Arbor
9 am—1 pm
June 15—Aug 31
Location: Downtown, behind the Glen Arbor Township Hall

Thursdays in Leland
9 am—Noon
June 17– Sept 2
Location: Parking lot,across from the Bluebird Restaurant

Fridays in Northport
9 am—1 pm
June 18—Sept 17
Location: The Depot, next to the marina

Saturdays in Suttons Bay
9 am—1 pm
May 15—Oct 16
Location: Ice skating rink, corner of Lincoln & Broadway Streets

Saturdays in Empire
9 am—1 pm
June 12—Sept 25
Location: Downtown, next to the Post Office

Sundays in Lake Leelanau
10 am—2 pm
June 13—Sept 5
Location: Parking lot, next to Kejara’s Bridge Restaurant

Taste the Local Difference is a comprehensive guide that includes farm, farm market, CSA, winery  and other listings with addresses, phone numbers and an index to seasonal food availability.

Photo: Thursday morning at the market by *ojoyous1*

7 replies
  1. Del Nolan
    Del Nolan says:

    Was at Leelanau Produce in Elmwood . THE best donuts, pies In the area and fresh grown produce I have seen in a long time anywhere! Tried their pies and cukes, corn and squash at the Nport and SBay Fartmers Markets. They are delish!

    Everyone does a great job at the markets too.

  2. Mary Harwood
    Mary Harwood says:

    I love Leelanau Produce on Cherry Bend road the best pies and muffins too!
    Always fun to stop in sometiems 2 to 3 times a week. They have great vegitables too always fresh.

  3. Amy Wolton
    Amy Wolton says:

    Mary, Have you had their muffins? I try to get there every morning. Lemon poppyseed is my favorite. Their bread and donuts are the best anywhere too! I try to grab a couple after strolling the DeYoung natural area. I put up a bunch of tomatoes from there too. Always nice to buy from the gals at Leelanau Produce they are so nice and everything is fresh. Hope they stay open into the winter, as the coffee is fresh too.

  4. Terry C
    Terry C says:

    I had their donuts for the fist time, MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM,
    Ok Mary they are the BEST!!!!! I hope they are open for the morning drive in January. I hate going across TC town to get coffee. Those donuts mmmmmmmmm you were right!

  5. LeslieCarlson
    LeslieCarlson says:

    Addicting donuts and now the pumpkin ones! My mom turned me onto Leelanau Produce and now I’m a donut and little pie nut.

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