Leelanau Memorial Hospital Northport

Workforce Housing coming to Northport?

The Leelanau Ticker reports that the former Leelanau Memorial Hospital in Northport has been purchased & could include affordable housing.
Northport Arts Association Photography Show

Northport Photo Show ~ Sep 3-19, 2021

The Northport Arts Association invites you to join them this Friday, September 3rd from 5-7 PM for the opening reception of the Northport Photo Show which runs Sept 4-19th.
Olean's Dispensary Northport Michigan

Olean's Dispensary: August opening for Leelanau's first marijuana provisioning center

The Leelanau Ticker has an update on Olean's Dispensary in Northport which opens in mid-August & will be Leelanau County's first marijuana provisioning center.
Terminal at Woolsey Airport, Northport, Michigan by Mike Carey

Woolsey Airport to dedicate historical marker

This Wednesday, July 14 at noon, Woolsey Airport north of Northport will dedicate a Michigan Historical Marker honoring the airport's namesake with a ceremony including a Coast Guard flyover.
4th, Up North ... ground burst! II by Ken Scott Photography

Leelanau.com's 2021 Fourth of July Calendar

While numbers are trending towards a good place, the pandemic has made an impact on Leelanau's Fourth of July celebrations. Here's our list of what is (and isn't) happening this weekend.
Leelanau Farmers Markets

Leelanau Farmers Market are ready for the 2021 Season!

Markets in Suttons Bay, Northport, Glen Arbor, Leland & Empire are open or opening soon with fresh, delicious & LOCAL food & farm products!
Leelanau Sweet Cherry Blossoms May 5

Sweet Cherry Blossoms Are Out!

As this photo from yesterday afternoon shows, Leelanau County's sweet cherry orchards are at or near full bloom, making this weekend an excellent time for a drive along the county's back roads!

Northport Pub & Grille to open early summer

The Leelanau Ticker reports that the former Ticker's will open early this summer as Northport Pub & Grille.

Leelanau's first marijuana dispensary, Olean's of Northport

Olean's dispensary, Leelanau County’s first recreational cannabis shop, will open later this spring or early summe
Perseid Meteors over Cathead Point by Ken Scott Photography

Get Ready for the 2020 Perseid Meteor Shower!

We've shared this before, but Space.com has an interesting story about how the upcoming Perseid Meteor shower (peak August 11-13) came to be known as “The Tears of St. Lawrence” and also some of the science behind this annual August sky show.
Abundance Catering Food Truck

Leelanau Farmers Markets - a safe & accessible way to eat local!

The Leelanau Farmers Markets provide a wide range of locally produced fruits, vegetables & meat as well as local baked goods & food products.
Abundance Catering Food Truck

Spotlight on Leelanau New Food Trucks

The Leelanau Ticker has an excellent article on Leelanau County's new food trucks & how they are handing disruptions to business due to Covid-19.